6 Expert Tips to Make Cleaning Fun & Easy

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6 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

When you think about cleaning your home, it’s possible that you’re faced with dread. Cleaning can be dull if you are sticking with the same old routine. While most people view household cleaning as a chore, it’s possible to make dusting, mopping and scrubbing an adventure.


Try and add some entertainment to your daily cleaning with these tips:

1. Pump Up the Jams

That playlist you’ve created doesn’t have to be reserved solely for your next gathering. Instead, turn your cleaning day into a dance party and turn up the tunes. Blast your Bluetooth speaker or put in some headphones to listen to those jazzy tunes while cleaning. A lively song can help set the tempo for your cleaning, thus keeping you moving and energized.


2. Phone a Friend

Plug in those headphones, dial up an old friend, put your phone in your pocket and pick up the mop. Social media and texting have reduced the need for phone calls in many instances, but you can use cleaning as an excuse to catch up with friends and family members. Since your hands are free, all you need to do is clean and catch up.


3. Turn Cleaning Into a Game

If you need some inspiration while scrubbing the floors or dusting those shelves, make it a game. For example, set a timer to test your speed or challenge the kids to beat the clock when picking up their toys. You can also choose a color and clean color-coded items or put away laundry of the same color.


4. Host a Competition

When the family is involved in your daily cleaning session, improve productivity with healthy competition. For instance, play rock, paper, scissors to determine who has to take out the trash, put away laundry or scrub the kitchen sink. Then, see who can finish the task the fastest or even with the best results.


5. Get In Your Workout

Burn some calories and get a clean home at the same time when turning your cleaning session into a workout session. Increase your heart rate by adding a little dancing or jogging to your chores. Run in place while vacuuming or add some elaborate arm movements to your dusting or mopping. You can even strap on a fitness tracker and set a goal of the number of steps you need or the number of calories you want to burn.


6. Set Rewards

If you need some motivation to finish the job, set up milestones complete with rewards. Treat yourself to a tasty treat or an afternoon at the pool once you finish cleaning, so you have something to look forward to each time you tackle the clutter and the mess in your home.  

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