How to Clean Your Home

Clean Home

Everything You Need to Know to Clean Your House

“Go clean.”

It sounds easy, right?

Wipe down your counters. Vacuum under the couch. Change your sheets.

Maintaining a clean home seems pretty straightforward.

So why is it that every time we think we think we’ve cleaned our entire house, we turn around and see dust bunnies, fingerprints, and super long strands of hair?

More likely than not, it’s because you didn’t go in with an official cleaning game plan.

Without a plan, a little expert know-how, and, yes, some high-quality cleaning products, it’s hard to be sure that you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny.

Before you break out your mop bucket and rubber gloves next time, consult this page.

Think of this as your one stop shop for everything you need to know about cleaning your home.

  1. Why You're Probably Over-Cleaning
  2. Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break
  3. What Cleaning Products You Need (and What You Don't)
  4. How to Create a Cleaning Plan That Works for You
  5. The 2 Things You Need to Clean Every Day
  6. Your New Home Cleaning Checklist
  7. How to Clean 12 Hard-to-Reach Areas in Your Home


1) Why You’re Probably Over-Cleaning

Did you know that there is such a thing as cleaning too much? We didn’t either.

But it turns out that overcleaning, just like over brushing your teeth (which is apparently also a thing?), can do serious damage to your home.

The adage “you can’t have too much of a good thing” couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Mopping your floors with a household cleaner or washing your bed sheets more than once a week can damage their structural integrity, weakening them and leading them to break down sooner than you want.

Replacing floors and sheets isn’t cheap, folks.

Before your next home cleaning session, do a little self-assessment:

  • Do your towels and sheets seem to fall apart quicker than they should?
  • Are your hardwood floors chipping or looking less shiny than they did when you moved in?
  • Are you washing your dishes completely before putting them in the dishwasher? (Guilty)

If any of those things sound like you, take a step back and reconsider the frequency of your cleaning regime.

Crisp, white sheets are great, but not having to buy new ones every six months is even better.


2) Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

We all have bad habits, and it’s amazing how many of those habits relate to cleaning.

Some of us drop our clothes on the chair in the corner and never move them to the laundry basket.

Others buy knick-knacks that they don’t have space for that end up cluttering their homes (the dollar section when you walk into Target is pure millennial torture).

Some of us start cleaning our kitchen and then...never finish.

There are any number of bad cleaning habits, and the key to a spotless home is breaking them.

Breaking your lousy cleaning habits won’t just lead to a neater house, it can also improve your mental health.

Having a neat, orderly space can actually “spark joy” in your brain. Homes that are free of clutter and mess lead to decluttered minds. Messy houses, on the other hand, will leave you feeling frantic and scatterbrained.


3) Know What Cleaning Products You Need (and What You Don’t)

Cleaning companies like to trick us: they’ve convinced us we need a separate cleaning product for every area of our home.

  • Rings in your toilet? Get toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Grout in your shower? Shower cleaner.
  • Dirty floors? Floor cleaner.
  • Fingerprints on your mirrors? Glass cleaner.
  • Food spills in your fridge? Fridge cleaner.

You can see where we’re going with this.

We’re made to believe that every single area of our house needs its own individual cleaning product, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is, you only need five cleaning products for a spotless home: hand soap, dish soap, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and a “degreaser.”

Anything other than that is just taking up space under your kitchen sink.


4) How to Create a Cleaning Plan That Works For You

The only way to keep a clean house clean is with a game plan.

If you spend time every week thinking about what and how you’re going to clean, you’re wasting valuable cleaning time and probably going to forget a few spaces.

A tried and true game plan will help you clean faster and smarter, and stop forgetting to vacuum under the couch.

That’s why we talked to our favorite home cleaning experts and organizers to put together the Ultimate ThreeMain Home Cleaning Guide.

The guide covers everything you need to know to create, plan for, execute, and maintain a home cleaning plan that works for you and your schedule (not just a standard calendar that tells you what you should do)


5) The 2 Things You Need to Clean Every Day

Some places in our homes attract dirt, grime, bacteria, and dust a lot faster than others.

What are the two biggest grime culprits? Kitchen counters and sinks.

It makes sense, we use our kitchens every day, even if it’s just to set down some papers or a mug of coffee.

That’s why you need to, at a minimum, give your kitchen counters and sink a solid wipedown every night.

Not convinced? Check out our post on why it’s so important to keep these two spaces clean.


6) Your New Home Cleaning Checklist

Moving into a new home is exciting.

You get to throw away that ottoman you hate and replace it with a couple of poufs you love. You get to organize your new cabinets so that you can actually reach your water glasses. And, most importantly, you get to renew your resolution always to have a clean home.

Before you unpack any boxes in your new place, give your new home a quick wipe-down.

By cleaning your home before you move in, you can set yourself up for cleaning success in your new space.


7) How to Clean 12 Hard to Reach Areas in Your Home

(Instead of, you know, never cleaning them)

Be honest: do you move and vacuum under your couch every time you clean?

Don’t worry, we don’t either.

There are a lot of areas in our home that go uncleaned because they’re hard to reach or because we never learned how to clean them.

But when we skip cleaning the tops of our cabinets because we don’t want to pull out the step ladder, don’t clean our dishwasher filter because we don’t know how, or don’t clean curtains because they still “look” clean, dirt, grime, and dust builds up.

That dirt, grime, and dust attracts allergens and toxins, and dirties other areas of our home.

So before your next home cleaning session, read our expert’s guide on how to clean those hard to reach areas in your home.

Your home will be happier and healthier for it.