The 2 Places in Your Home You Need to Clean Every Day


Why You Should Clean the Sink and Kitchen Countertops Every Single Day

As one of the busiest areas of your home, your kitchen deals with a lot of wear and tear. In fact, it is one of the most daily-used spaces in your home, which calls for frequent cleaning. From wiping crumbs off the counters to scrubbing the sink after meal preparations, your kitchen requires love and care each and every day.

Although it’s a never-ending job, cleaning your sink and counters is a necessary task to keep your home sanitized and safe. While it may seem like cleaning your kitchen is a full-time job, protecting your family from harm is a top priority and here’s why:


1) Spills and Splashes

Whether you spill a bit of your morning coffee on the counter or your children splash milk from a cereal bowl in the sink, letting these spills sit only causes them to spread and harden, prompting a more vigorous approach to cleaning.

2) Countertop Clutter

Cleaning your kitchen counters everyday could actually help you to reduce clutter in your home. Counters are often used as an impromptu drop for book bags, mail, small appliances, and even spices. The more clutter you have on the counter, the harder it is to see spills, splashes, and stains that occur throughout the day. Save yourself time with a quick clean up each day and make your countertops available for what they're designed for – preparing food.

3) Bacteria and Germs

Leaving dirty dishes in your sink is an invitation for creepy crawly bugs and ants. Even if you’re exhausted at the end of the day, it’s important to rinse those dishes, load them in the dishwasher and press the wash cycle so you can wake up to a fresh batch of dishes versus a line of ants making your sink and counters their permanent home.

While many people believe that the bathroom or toilet is the dirtiest place in your home, it’s often the kitchen sink serving as the primary culprit. Your sink is full of remnants of raw food, crumbs and even baking sauces you’ve drained. Just think about all of the bacteria you’ve washed from your fresh vegetables and fruits that are clinging to your sink’s surface.

Even if you don’t have time after preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, a thorough wipe down before bed helps reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and attracting bugs. 


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