8 Things You're Cleaning Too Much


You're probably over-cleaning these 8 household items (& don't even know it)

If you’re going to clean, it’s important to be thorough. That said, you might be overdoing it. Chances are you can save yourself a great deal of time and energy by cutting down on some of your chores.

We applaud you for your efforts, but sometimes less is more – especially when it comes to cleaning.


Here are 8 things you are probably cleaning too often:

1) Dishes

Many of us are guilty of this one. What’s the point of a dishwasher if you soak and rinse your dishes beforehand? It’s unnecessary.


2) Slipcovers

If there’s a stain on a slipcover, a quick spot clean should suffice. Washing your slipcover once per season is enough. Washing too often will likely dull the color and lower the quality.


3) Towels

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wash a towel after every use. As long as you hang your towels and let them air dry, you can use the same towel for a week.


4) Your Oven

If you clean up spills immediately, your oven only needs to be cleaned once every six months. We recommend a deep clean after a holiday cooking marathon.


5) Carpets

You only need to have your carpets professionally cleaned once per year. If you do it more often, you are wearing down the material and making it more prone to attracting dust and dirt.


6) Inside The Pantry

Unlike your refrigerator that should be cleaned out once each week, your pantry doesn’t require the same maintenance. Once per year is all you need to empty the shelves and wipe them down. Be sure to check and throw out any items that have expired.


7) Pillows

While your pillow sheets need to be washed once each week, your pillows only need to be washed every three to six months.


8) Bedspreads and Comforters

It’s safe to say washing a comforter is one of the most dreaded chores. It’s big, bulky and washing it is a hassle. The good news is you are probably doing it much more often than you need to. Unless you have a pet that always sleeps on top of your bed, you only need to wash your bedspread once every season.


We hope this helps cut down the time it takes to do your chores, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy (and hey, if that’s cleaning more power to you).


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