Top 5 Tips to Reduce Chemicals, Dust and Toxins in Your Home

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Less Toxic

Your home is a safe haven for family fun, nurturing and daily care, so the environment should be just as safe, right? Creating a healthy and less-toxic home environment is essential to feeling better and nurturing your family.

Take the necessary steps to improve your home’s environment with just five simple steps.


1. Eliminate the Plastic

Chemicals in plastic containers are not only harmful to your family’s health, but also the environment. Rid your home of these toxins that seep into your food when reheating in plastic containers by swapping them out for glass storage containers when storing leftovers. Stainless steel and bamboo containers are also viable options for a less-toxic home.


2. Ramp Up Your Dusting Routine

Many of the electronics and even furniture items in your home feature chemical flame retardants that eventually turn into dust. As a result, your family could be ingesting this dust on a regular basis. Eliminate the dust by ramping up your vacuuming and dusting routine. Daily cleaning sessions can help make your home less toxic. You can even make daily dusting a game with the kids or turn on some tunes to make cleaning more fun.


3. Toss Out the Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap for covering food is commonly made with BPA and PVC, both components you don’t want to expose to your family or your home environment. Instead, opt for bee’s wrap or make your own fabric coverings for food that is stored in the refrigerator or your pantry. Consider eliminating the need for plastic wrap completely by storing food in stasher bags, bees wrap, stainless steel, bamboo or glass containers.


4. Replace Vinyl Shower Curtains

Every time you step into a shower that features a vinyl curtain, you are exposed to polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The strong smell can release organic compounds that are toxic for you and your family’s health. Eliminate the risk by opting for a vinyl-free or PVC-free shower curtain that is made from organic cotton. You may even find styles and designs in organic cotton that are much more attractive, colorful and appealing when looking to spruce up your bathroom décor.


5. Open the Windows

Although it seems simple just to open a window to create a less-toxic space, the reality is that often, indoor air is much dirtier than outdoor air. When you air out your home, it helps improve the air quality and minimizes indoor air pollutants that are trapped indoors. Many of the air pollutant culprits include paint, scented candles, fragrances, carpets, polyurethane foam furniture and adhesives that you use on a daily basis. As a bonus, you get to feel the breeze and experience the beauty of what nature has to offer while still inside your home.

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