Want a Cleaner Home? Break these 5 Habits.

Want a Cleaner Home? Break these 5 Habits.

How to Have a Cleaner Home

Some of the biggest challenges with keeping a home clean are our habits and bad routines. Think to yourself, what are you doing around the house, when you walk in, after you eat, or after use the bathroom? I’m sure you’ll come up with a few habits that are contributing to a messy, dirty home. Rest assured, there are some easy ways to break old habits and kickstart a routine towards a stress-free a cleaner environment.

You can start with ditching the five habits below.


You dump clothes anywhere (and everywhere)

I think we’re all guilty of this one, and often it’s one of our biggest problems that piles up - fast. You walk in from work and drop your jacket on the couch. You finally get that load of laundry done and it sits on your bedside for weeks. You’re rushing to get ready for a special event and all your outfit choices remain on a chair.

How to fix it

Careless dropping: If it’s something you’re likely going to use the next day like a coat or a towel, make hooks your friends. Have a set by the front door, behind your bedroom door, and maybe even in the bathroom. Every week, go through and see what you’re still using and what can be put away. If you’re not using it the next day or so, it should be probably be stored.

Dirty clothes: Toss it in the laundry basket… Laundry basket full? Set aside some time where you need to get some computer work or reading done and get your laundry going. It’s easier if you know you’ll have a chunk of three hours so that you’re not running off and forgetting that you started a load.

That unused chair: Are you using your chair more so for dumping things than sitting, maybe put it somewhere else where it will actually be used. Ask yourself, will I be sitting in this chair this week? If not, maybe it’s contributing to the problem more so than giving you a seating solution.


You walk around with dirty shoes

Dirty shoes, contribute to a dirty mess. Even if you’re walking around with shoes and slippers most of time, this is probably one of the biggest culprits of bringing in dirt and bacteria into your home. Think about where/what you walked through that day. Do you really want to feel like you’re walking on a city sidewalk while in your home? Probably not.

How to fix it 

Grab a mat or simple shoe rack and place it by the front door. Get your guests into the habit as well. It’s easier if you already have a pair or two hanging out on the rack so that they get the message without you having to awkwardly ask.


You have too many cleaning products

Take a second and look under your sink. How many products do you have under there? How many do you actually use? It’s very likely that you’re only using about 2-4 consistently while the rest are just taking up space. Here at ThreeMain we want to help you simplify the process which is why you should start with eliminating products from your home that are both toxic and pointless.

How to fix it

Although it can seem wasteful to chuck most of the products you have, you have to ask yourself if you’re really going to be using them. Take a look and consider what you are using often versus what has sat there for months (and sometimes years). What’s getting the job done?

Once you’ve determined this, get rid of anything you don’t need. It’s just clutter. We recommend always having hand soap, dish soap, multipurpose, and maybe a glass cleaner (if it’s important to you). For the dirty jobs, a bathroom cleaner or something more like a degreaser for the kitchen.

You can technically get most of your cleaning done with an all-purpose/multipurpose cleaner, especially if you’re cleaning regularly rather than letting the dirt and grime pile up.


Your buying and collecting habits cause clutter

Let’s start with your kitchen counter. Take a look around. Are you hoarding tons of condiments, gadgets, and cups that you rarely touch or forgot to put away? Clutter on your counter makes it much harder to wipe the area clean after cooking and often creates dirty deposits of grime, grease, and bacteria that will sit and grow over time.

Now how about your bathroom? Do you really need all of those products? How many face cleansers, lotions and shampoos do you need, and most importantly use?!

How to fix it

If you bought something that didn’t work for you, health, food, or beauty, consider giving it to someone else who may benefit from it. Your kitchen will be less sticky and your bathroom will have less soap scum and mold that builds up under the bottles.


You start but you never finish

Cleaning often feels like a full day’s work, and it can be if you’ve let the dirt and grime pile up over time. Because many people put it off until it’s really bad, once we actually tackle cleaning, we underestimate how long it’s going to take. Still, we’re motivated enough to get started but soon after, we get overwhelmed, distracted and walk away.

How to fix it

There are many ways to make cleaning less of a hassle. You can start but focusing on deep cleaning one room at a time on different days. A quick tip is to still spot clean and vacuum or sweep the floors throughout your home as often as possible so that you’re not bringing so much dirt into the room you just finished.

You can start with the rooms that are used the most. They’re likely the dirtiest too. This usually includes your bathrooms or kitchen.

Make your multipurpose cleaner your daily buddy. Leave a cloth and your cleaner out so that you can wipe down the surfaces after use like after cooking in your kitchen, or shaving in your bathroom.


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