6 Ways ThreeMain's Products Clean With Meaning

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Are Your Green Cleaning Products Really Green?

We all want to do our part to help the planet.

It’s why we buy reusable grocery bags, recycle our soda cans, and try to buy “green” products.

But buying truly green products is easier said than done.

In 2011, the U.S. government passed legislation directing cleaning companies not to use “eco-friendly” language on their packaging or marketing materials without stats to back up their claims.

Despite that, the government hasn’t done much to monitor or stop cleaning companies from falsely claiming that they’re eco-friendly.

As Paul Hollywood would say: they’re all style, no substance.

That’s why we decided that this Earth Week, we want to give you some facts.

Facts that show you - not tell - you how ThreeMain’s cleaning products positively impact our planet, every single time you use them.


No “green” sounding language.

No false promises.

No b.s.

Just facts.


6 Ways ThreeMain’s Cleaning Products Impact the Environment

#1 When You Receive a Refill Subscription Delivery, 6 Plastic Bottles and 8 Pieces of Ocean-Bound Trash are Eliminated

There’s no denying the fact that there is tons of plastic in our oceans.

And the solution to the plastic problem isn’t to just stop making more plastic, we also need to remove the plastic that’s already in our water supplies.

We decided to make removing plastic from the oceans part of our mission at ThreeMain. Because of that, one of the first things we did as a company - before we designed our formulas or bottles, before we found office space, before we even came up with our name - was to partner with the Rozalia Project.

The Rozalia Project is a non-profit that uses technology, innovation, solutions-based research, and engaging STEM programs to develop new solutions for cleaning up our oceans.

As of Earth Day 2016, we increased our donations to the Rozalia Project from 3% to 6% of every purchase.

That money goes directly towards removing plastic and trash from the oceans.


#2 Each Time You Open a ThreeMain Delivery Box, You’re Saving a Tree and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Paper is a renewable resource - we can grow more trees - but it isn’t a carbon neutral one.

Growing trees is costly, monetarily and environmentally because:

  1. It takes manpower, machines, and fossil fuels to grow human-made forests.
  2. Cutting down trees decimates wildlife habitats.
  3. Companies produce carbon emissions while harvesting, repurposing and creating paper products.

Luckily, we don’t need to cut down more trees to continue making necessary paper products.

We can use the paper we already made.

ThreeMain’s delivery boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard and packaged sustainably.

Even better, when you recycle your box (you are remembering to recycle your boxes, right?), you’re participating in an infinite, carbon-free recycling loop.

Recycling is a flat circle. 


#3 When You Spray Your Windows with our Multi-Surface Cleaner, You’re Protecting Your Family’s Health and the Health of Our Planet

Did you know that conventional cleaning products - even some of those that call themselves “green” - contribute to pollution rates outdoors and indoors?

Standard household cleaners are made with VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are associated with a massive list of health problems: liver, kidney, and nervous system damage, increased risk of developing asthma, and exacerbating allergies.

On top of that, VOCs damage our fragile atmosphere.

ThreeMain’s products, on the other hand, have no VOCs.

You can, literally, breathe easier when you spray your windows or wipe your countertops with ThreeMain cleaners. 


#4 Every Time You Mop Your Floor, You’re Preserving Nonrenewable Natural Resources

Commercial buildings use over 6.2 billion pounds of chemicals each year for their cleaning products, to say nothing about the amount used in homes.

The most common chemical used in cleaning products is petroleum, a valuable, limited, and nonrenewable natural resource.

Using as little as we can to protect our planet is critical. We need to replace petroleum with other chemicals whenever we can to preserve what we have left.

That’s why none of ThreeMain’s products use any petroleum. We use six, naturally derived ingredients that are all 100% renewable. 


#5 Whenever You Disinfect, You’re Keeping Poisonous Chemicals Out of the Atmosphere and Your Lungs

According to a 2010 report from the National Poison Control Center (NPCC), household cleaning supplies are one of the top five reasons people call the NPCC.


Because most household cleaners have toxic chemicals. When they’re consumed, accidentally or intentionally, or released into the air, they can poison our little ones, pets, friends, water systems, and plants.

While our products aren’t exactly safe to eat (just because our bathroom cleaner smells lemony does not mean you should add it to your Aperol spritz), they aren’t toxic.


#6 While You Wash the Dishes, You’re Saving an Aquatic Population

Cleaning products with phosphates aren’t notably harmful to humans, but they are incredibly problematic for aquatic populations.

When phosphates are released into the water supply - when you drain your dishwasher, rinse the shower/tub, wash your car, clean your toilet, or throw out your dirty mop bucket water - the phosphates in those cleaning products are released back into our water supply and the soil.

Once phosphates are in ecosystems, they create “dead zones” in oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. Dead zones are areas that have little to no oxygen in the water and are therefore unable to support aquatic life.

So for any aquatic population that naturally migrates, like tuna or salmon, a dead zone can - no pun intended - stop the fish dead in their migration.



We’re not perfect.

And we know that, like all companies and individuals, we have a long way to go and a lot left to accomplish on our path to becoming a carbon-neutral, ocean positive, 100% green company.

We just want you to know we’re trying.

Every day, our team is thinking of new ways to help you live, greener, cleaner lives.


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