3 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Bacteria in the Home

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How to Get Rid of Bacteria in Your Home

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, the battle against bacteria is the greatest challenge for many of us. From your toilet and bathtub to your kitchen drain and kitchen sponge, bacteria is everywhere.

But if bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, how do we clean what we can’t see?

That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you a few tried and true tips to sanitize your house and keep bacteria at bay.


1. Wash your hands

First and foremost, wash your hands. A little hygiene goes a long way. Many people don’t realize this but, in order to kill bacteria, you need to scrub your hands with liquid soap or hand sanitizer for 20 seconds. You can clean your home from top to bottom, but if you aren’t washing your hands on a regular basis, your time and energy spent cleaning will be wasted.


2. Disinfect the kitchen

Did you know that your kitchen sink contains 100,000 times more germs than your toilet? It should come as no surprise that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. The sponges, dish towels, garbage can, food on the counter, and moisture from the sink - all of which breeds bacteria.

Garbage Cans: We recommend cleaning your garbage can once each week. The trash bag often leaves some bacteria behind.

Sponges: To get rid of bacteria on your sponges, run them in the dishwasher every few days or replace them weekly. 

Dish Towels: A damp dish towel is a breeding ground for bacteria. After you use it, run it under hot water.


3. Sanitize the bathroom

Bathrooms are also one of the worst offenders when it comes to bacteria.

Toilet: Needless to say, the toilet needs to be cleaned on a frequent basis (ideally, once per week). And don’t forget to put the lid down before flushing!

Bathtub: We suggest using a disinfecting cleaner on your bathtub once per week. There is typically a lot of dirt and soap residue left behind in the bathtub, which can lead to bacteria.

Hand towels: Wash your hand towels weekly – especially if more than one person is using them.

Floors: After taking a hot shower, the walls and floors will be damp and over time, can cause mold and bacteria. Also, when you flush water can splash out of the bowl. Floor cleaning should absolutely be on your weekly chore to-do list.

Keep toothbrushes in a drawer: Many people leave their toothbrushes on the counter, and the bacteria from the toilet lingers in the air after flushing. (Super gross, we know).



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