What is Green Cleaning (and Why Should You Care)?


Why It's So Important to Green Clean

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding green cleaning in recent years, with many companies claiming they are “going green.” And let’s face it: when most people hear the words “all-natural,” “organic” and “green” they simply translate that to “better for the environment.”


So, what is green cleaning?

Does it mean biodegradable products? Environmentally-friendly ingredients? Less waste?

Yes, yes and yes. In its simplest terms, green cleaning means using cleaning products and methods that are safer for human and environmental health.

As a consumer, it’s important to understand the different labels to classify cleaning products. Look for the Design for the Environment label – these products meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for chemicals. Also, you will see “low VOC” or “no VOC” (short for volatile organic compounds).


4 Reasons You Need to Use Green Cleaning Products

1) Green cleaning is better for the environment

Unlike conventional cleaning products, green cleaning products are created using safe, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. Eco-friendly cleaning products not only reduce air and water pollution but also help fight ozone depletion and climate change and ozone depletion.


2) Green cleaning is healthier for your family

The toxic chemicals in many household cleaners contain hazardous chemicals directly linked to health issues such as coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, and skin rashes. Making the switch to green cleaning products will significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home - and you can (literally) breathe easier knowing you made the safest choice for your family.


3) Green cleaning can help your community

Many companies, including ThreeMain, often give a percentage of their profits to sustainable organizations that promote environmental change. By buying products from eco-friendly companies, you are doing your part to protect the planet.


4) Green cleaning is less expensive (no, really!)

The cost of traditional cleaning products can add up – especially with the excessive amount that many of us are using to clean our homes. Can you guess how many cleaning products you actually need? Hint: it’s not nearly as much as you think.

From a financial perspective, it makes more sense to buy one all-purpose, eco-friendly cleaner.

Another option is to make your own cleaning solution using baking soda and vinegar (and a few drops of lemon if you want that refreshing citrus scent!)


Here at ThreeMain, we believe going green is a lifestyle choice. As a consumer, it’s changing your mentality and knowing that each decision (no matter how small) impacts the planet.


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