Declutter Your Home: 10 Household Items You Don't Need to Buy


How to "Bring Joy" to Your House by Getting Rid of Things You Don't Need

As consumers, we often stockpile items in our home that we don’t really need. As a result, we create more waste and negatively impact the environment. It’s time to start minimizing the clutter while also helping the environment by stopping the use of non-recyclable and non-Earth-friendly items.

Here are 10 items you can stop buying to declutter your home:


1. Baby Wipe Warmers

The reality is that by the time that warmer heats up, you will have already had your baby changed and ready for the day’s adventures. Save the energy and reduce waste without the wipes and the warmers and opt for a warm washcloth instead.


2. Washing Machine Cleaner

Most active families run their washing machine on a regular basis, so buildup is inevitable. However, you don’t need expensive, toxic formulas to clean the machine. Instead, check out products from ThreeMain or even add two cups of white vinegar to run through the cycle.


3. Jewelry Polish

Save your money and time by opting out of jewelry polish purchases. You can easily shine your jewelry with a toothbrush, warm water and a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda.


4. Hard Water Stain Removers

Don’t pay the price of exposing yourself and your family to harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for a non-toxic formula or simply use a paste of salt and vinegar to remove those hard water stains.


5. Dryer Sheets

Opt for an Earth-friendly option like wool dryer balls instead of tossing dryer sheets in each load. If you dab a small amount of fabric softener on a hand towel, you can achieve the same results.


6. Fancy Cord Organizers

We get it. Your home is full of tangled cords from electronics, but you don’t have to purchase a plastic organizer to fix the problem. A toilet paper tube will produce the same results, and you can recycle the tube when you no longer need it.


7. Body Scrub

You don’t need body scrub with granules to exfoliate your skin. A loofah or a washcloth can also do the trick.


8. Lip Balm

The primary issue with lip balm is that it contains alcohol that actually dries out your skin. Toss the stick and add skin moisturizer to your lips after each bath or shower.


9. Mini Toiletries

It’s tempting to hang onto those hotel sample bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but most people rarely use the contents and the extra plastic is not helping to save the planet. Combine the shampoos into one recyclable container to eliminate the plastic and the clutter.


10. Old Cookbooks

With the digital age, the need for cookbooks is non-existent. Donate those books to your local library or toss them in the recycle bin and start pinning those recipes on Pinterest.



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