Organizing Tips From Our Interview With Benita Larsson

Benita Larsson

Organizing Tips From a Top Organizing Expert

Charming, immaculate, and inviting are just a few of the words to describe the home of Benita Larsson. A visual merchandiser who is an expert in organization, home décor and DIY renovation projects, she has been inspiring home owners for years with her creative “how-tos” and practical design tips.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Benita and talked about everything from what inspired her to pursue visual merchandising to renovation and decluttering tips.


1. Where did your passion for organization come from?

I was a very organized child. My mom is still amazed at how tidy my childhood room was and that my favorite pastime was to organize her drawers. I'm adopted though - and when I recently met some of my birth family, they told me that my birth mother was quite organized so I guess that's where my interest in organizing came from. Nowadays, as an adult, I'm one of those people who prefers to keep things organized because I can't really fully relax until it's all tidy.  


2.  What inspired you to become a visual merchandiser?

I started out in interior design at IKEA back in the late 80's and gradually moved more towards visual merchandising. I like the combination of design and organizing!


3. You've done an incredible job renovating and redesigning your home. What's the biggest renovation challenge you faced and how did you handle it? What advice do you have for a remodeling beginner? 

Thank you! I think the biggest challenge has been to keep my cats happy during the process. They don't welcome strangers so I opted for DIY  projects instead of hiring professionals. Also, being a one woman band has been challenging when there were many times I needed an extra pair of hands.


4. What are your top three decluttering tips for keeping your home clean and saving space?

1) The one in, one out rule. If I buy something new it replaces something old.

2) Always have a donation basket or bag where you can put things you no longer need. When it's full, go donate!

3) Corral! I use little dishes and trays to corral all the little things that otherwise float around cluttering up space! On a larger scale, it can be a floor basket to corral toys in the living room or flip flops in a hallway.


5. When it comes to home decorating DIY projects, what advice do you have for people who aren't naturally creative?

Google and YouTube instructions, follow them to a tee and and just go for it! I've learned so much from online tutorials like how to fix a leaky toilet, how to best put up wallpaper and the best way to achieve a clean caulk line.


6. Is there a particular house project you're most proud of?

Just the fact that my house which was very outdated seven years ago is now very much up to date and that I did a lot of it myself. I'm moving this fall and my hard work paid off when I sold it way over asking price. I'll be sharing the process of doing up my Stockholm inner city apartment on YouTube so feel free to follow along here.



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