Live in a Small Space? Here are 7 Cleaning Supplies Organizer Ideas

Cleaning Supplies

How to Finally Get Your Cleaning Supplies Organized

In our dreams, we have an organized cleaning closet.

A walk-in organized cleaning closet.

Our bottles of bathroom cleaner and baskets of dishcloths are lined up in a row, and we never have to run around the house looking for window cleaner.

It’s a sweet dream, but for most of us, it’s far from a reality.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 80% of Americans live in a suburban or urban area, and that percentage gets bigger every year. And as we migrate to urban centers, our living spaces get smaller and smaller.

The fact is that the majority of Americans don’t live in sprawling houses with garages, basements, and extra closets galore to store their belongings. They live in small homes or apartments where creative storage solutions are essential.

Creating a dedicated space for your cleaning supplies when you can’t even figure out where to put all your shoes can seem impossible. But having a cleaning supplies organization system will make your cleaning sessions easier and less stressful, and also make you more likely to actually clean instead (instead of watching that ten thousandth true crime doc on Netflix).

With a little elbow grease, an afternoon of organization, and one of the seven cleaning supply organizer ideas below, you can finally put your mop, vacuum, carpet cleaner, and dish soap refill packets in the same spot.

CRAZY, right? 


Small Space Organization Ideas for Cleaning Supplies


1) Marie Kondo Your Cleaning Supplies

Just like your mug collection, stack of magazines, and sock drawer, your cleaning supplies collection could probably use a solid decluttering.

That tub cleaner you haven’t used in five years? Toss it.

The window cleaner with the broken nozzle? Throw it in the recycling bin.

The old feather duster that gives your toddler allergies? Donate it.

Cleaning products have an expiration date, and after they meet it, they stop being effective, meaning you’ll have to work harder to keep your space clean.

Besides that, you’ve probably bought at least one “miracle product” that didn’t work and now takes up valuable storage space under your sink.

There’s no reason to keep cleaning supplies in your home that you don’t use, so get rid of them.

When space is at a premium, try pairing your possessions down to the essentials.


2) Implement the Caddy System

For those of you who live in tiny spaces (i.e., anything less than 600 square feet), this one is for you.

Have a ton of cleaning supplies and aren’t sure which items to toss? Buy a bathroom caddy that can be easily stored in a closet or underneath your sink and fill it with your cleaning tools and products.

Anything that doesn’t fit in the caddy gets tossed/recycled/donated, except large items like a broom, mop, or vacuum.

You’ll pare down your supplies and create a cleaning caddy that you can carry around your apartment as you clean, so you aren’t constantly going back and forth looking for different supplies.


3) The Plastic Shoe Holder as a Cleaning Supplies Organizer

Remember when you moved into your first college dorm room and your mom bought you a plastic over-the-door shoe holder in a bright neon color?

Us, too.

If you didn’t toss it in the garbage after you graduated, congrats! You’ve just found your new/old cleaning supplies storage system.

Hang it on the back of a door - like a coat closet or bathroom door - and put all your bottles and tools in the slots.

Shoe organizers have pockets that are sized just right for cleaning products and tools.


4) Unleash Your Inner Julia Child with a Pegboard

Minimalism is great for some, but there are those of us who prefer to fill our space with the objects we adore.

After all, it’s not hoarding if your collection of 200+ cookbooks brings you joy. It’s maximalism.

If you don’t mind seeing your cleaning supplies every day, install a decorated pegboard in your kitchen a la Julia Child.

Hang all of your products on the pegs and install metal clips for the items that don’t hang. Then take a sharpie and outline each of the items, so you’ll know where to put them back after you’ve used them.

What we love most about this method is that you can hang your mop and broom on the board so you can stop worrying about your broom falling on your head every time you open the closet.


5) Use a Cart in Place of a Cleaning Cupboard

Rolling carts are great storage solutions for for a number of reasons.

  1. Storage carts have multiple layers of storage. You can organize your supplies by rooms, by types of products, or any other system you can think of.
  2. When guests are over, you can roll the cart out of site.
  3. Like with the cleaning caddy, you can bring the cart with you from room to room as you clean.
  4. You can roll it around your apartment pretending you’re on Supermarket Sweep (don’t forget the $100 coffee bonus!).


6) Under the Sink: Lazy Susans and Tension Rods

Most of us who live in small spaces store our cleaning supplies under our sinks - either in our kitchen or bathroom. Organizing your under-sink space will maximize your storage square footage, and help keep your under-sink areas from becoming a pile of cleaners.

Two of our favorites tools for organizing our under sink spaces are tension rods and Lazy Susans.

Use tension rods to suspend spray bottles, organize paper towels, or hang rolls of trash bags so you can ditch the bulky boxes they come in.

Put anything that won’t hang on the lazy susan, like stacks of sponges or rubber gloves.

You’ll be amazed how much space you’ll save by hanging your supplies, and by how useful it is to rotate the Lazy Susan when you’re looking for the cutting board oil you use once in a blue moon.


7) Chore Baskets for Kids

This might be our favorite method of cleaning supplies organization and is a variation on the caddy method.

The best way to encourage little ones to help out around the house is to make it incredibly easy for them, which is why we like to designate chore baskets for our little ones.

Buy shower caddies in different colors and organize your cleaning supplies into the baskets with different supplies for each task.

Next, set up a rotation so that each of your kids uses a different basket each week. If you want, you can even write up note cards that outline how to complete a chore and tape them to the sides of the baskets.

They’ll have everything they need to complete their chores in one basket (easy) and know where to put it all back when they’re done (incredible).


Need a little more help organizing the rest of your home? Check out Organizing Tips for Every Room in Your Home for tips, tricks, and advice.

Live in a small space and have your own cleaning storage solutions? We’d love to hear about them! Tell us your favorite ways to store your products in the comments below.