Exciting Updates On The Growth Of ThreeMain

A Letter to Our Customers from Our CEO

Thank you so much for supporting ThreeMain's mission to make safe and effective household products. We are delighted that with your support, we have been able to reduce ocean plastic and pollution and protect families from unsafe products.

Due to the success of our brand (thanks to all of you) and being asked to join HSN/QVC next year, we have decided the time is right for ThreeMain to finally accept Venture investment into our growing company. ThreeMain oversubscribed it's pre-seed round in October of 2019 and soft launched our first set of products to carefully and thoughtfully understand what buyers in our market truly want from our industry. It was important for our team to grow thoughtfully, leveraging our amazing early adopters to help improve our products and refine our practices as we moved forward. So many of you have provided amazing feedback throughout and we are very excited to take the next step in our company's growth.

With so many brands out there telling you they're safe, dye free, fragrance free, and sustainable, our journey is more important than ever. Greenwashing (conveying false impression that your company's products are environmentally safe) has become a global issue across many verticals and we plan to address this within ours while building the first global household brand that addresses the health and wellness of our customers and planet.

With over 75% of our customers returning to buy again and an industry average of 20%, we are confident we are dialed in to now offer ThreeMain to millions of people while still maintaining our dedication to customer care and product quality.

Thank you for staying with us on this amazing ride. We have so many wonderful things in store as we move into ThreeMain 2.0 soon.


Joe Budzienski - ThreeMain CEO