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Hi friends!

We’ve loved hearing all of the wonderful things you’ve had to say about us since our launch.

Rachel from Andover told us that she enjoys, “Knowing I’m using safe/effective products for my home that are also safe for the environment.”Keri from Boston said, “The bottles looks so great, they can be left right out for everyone to see! I love the smell of the cleaners and they work well, to boot!”.

And Kate from New York loved that, “Not only do they look pretty and smell great, they’re taking strides to save our planet and oceans.”

In fact, you’ve loved our cleaning products so much that the media has taken notice.

Here’s a roundup about what some of our favorite newspapers, magazines and websites have been saying about ThreeMain.


Joe Budzienski

CEO, ThreeMain



“Cleaning solutions needn’t be toxic. Local innovator ThreeMain has not only created household cleaners that are safe for people, pets, and the planet, it has replaced the plastic container, too.”

The Boston Globe


ThreeMain, was created in part to cut down on the plastic pollution that’s overwhelming the world’s oceans. The new Boston-based company ditches plastic cleaning bottles for reusable aluminum ones, while also partnering with nonprofit Rozalia Project to clean up waste in the ocean.”

The Improper Bostonian


“Home-delivery startup ThreeMain says its cleaning products—packaged in aluminum bottles—will eliminate more than 80 percent of the plastic associated with home cleaning.”

Eco Watch


“Seeing a direct correlation between plastic containers and ocean pollution led Budzienski to start ThreeMain, a Boston-based startup that sells aluminium bottles guaranteed for life and naturally derived cleaning products – currently for the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen – to refill the bottles, hence reducing plastic waste due to non-recycled on-shelf containers.”

Boston Business Journal


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