ThreeMain Cleans Up: Our Carson Beach Project to Remove Plastic Waste

Beach Clean up

Our Carson Beach Cleanup Helped Remove Over 50lbs of Waste!

Wow, what an amazing day we had at our first beach cleanup here in Boston with our nonprofit partner Rozalia Project and over 30 amazing volunteers from Boston!

We spent the last few weeks learning how to organize a beach cleanup, and in less than 30 minutes, we were able to remove over 50 pounds of ocean-bound waste and nearly 2000 items were counted.

Checkout all the data below, and some pictures of our group in action!

Cigarettes                                                                                                    697

Plastic Bottle Caps                                                                                     


Food Wrappers




Caps / Lids, Metal


Paper / Tissue / Napkins 


Plastic Bags

Straws/Stirrers 39
Plastic Drink Bottles 33
Utensils 32
Toys 27
Plastic Cups 26
Plastic Takeaway Containers 24
Shipping / Packaging 19
Strapping Bands/Zip Ties 15
Clothing / Towels / Gloves 15
Glass Bottles 11
Plastic Lids: Coffee, Jars 10
Cigar Tips 10
Personal Hygiene 9
Shoes 9
Large Foam (>30 mm) 8
Metal Pieces 6
Lighters 4
Office Supplies 4
Cans, Metal 4
Paper Cups and Plates 4
Rubber Pieces 3
Large Plastic (>30 mm) 2
Condoms 2
Diapers 2
Home and Garden Items 2
Tampon Applicator 1
Plastic Sheeting/Tape 1
Small Plastic (5-15 mm) 1
Batteries, Metal 1
Buoys / Floats 1
Car and Boat Parts 1
Totale Weight Collected 56
Total Pieces Collected 1814


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