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When ThreeMain was just an idea and we were deciding what kind of company we wanted to become, we asked ourselves one question: what are the best green cleaning products and how can we make ours even greener?

We took a look at the market and saw a lot of companies making non-toxic cleaners, and a lot of other companies using less plastic in their packaging, but not a lot of companies doing both.

So we got to work.

We developed formulas that are 100% non-toxic and made with 6 ingredients or less, packaged in reusable aluminum bottles, and are replenished with refill packets that are 100% recyclable and use 80% less plastic than other leading cleaning brands.

Even then, we wanted to do more.

We struck up a partnership with the Rozalia Project, a non-profit that uses technology, innovation, and solutions-based research to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans.

We still believe there’s more we can do to make the world a better place, but we’re proud of our products and our mission, and we’re even prouder of the fact that our customers believe in that mission, too.

We’ve loved seeing your posts and reviews since our launch, and we’re thrilled that you love our products as much as we do.


What our customers have been saying about us:


“Loved receiving my first box. Beautiful set of products - plus love the sponges. It’s great I don’t have to worry about running out of cleaners”

Patty, Westford, MA

“I’ve tried all of the “natural” cleaners out there, this is by far the best! Super effective, smells great. I love knowing I’m using safe/effective products for my home that are also safe for the environment”

- Rachel, Andover, MA


- Kate M., New York, NY


- Laura E., Bristol, RI

“The bottles looks so great, they can be left right out for everyone to see! I love the smell of the cleaners and they work well, to boot! Great product and happy to support a great mission”

- Keri D., MA


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I received my products today and my house is smelling so lemon-ee good and PLASTIC FREE!!l”

Dorothy H., FL


- Erica P., Branford, CT

“Best dish soap I’ve ever used. I love how it made my hands feel and it cleaned better then the Method I was using. Customer for life!”

- Alison, MA

“Cleaning up before #sundayfunday with @ThreeMain”

- Kyla R., Sudbury, MA



- Sara O., NH


“So I love to clean stuff. Like freakishly love to clean stuff. And now @ThreeMain just delivered the most fresh smelling, chic and eco friendly cleaning supplies to my door. When they rule the world, remember you saw it here first”

- KT2DesignGroup, Sudbury, MA


- Lisa the Cat., New York, NY


- Mary Ann S., Bethel, CT



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Want to learn more about green cleaning products? Check out our guide to green cleaning products here.

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