Sustainable Living 101: 3 Easy Steps to Help You Live More Sustainably

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How to Start Living a Sustainable Life Today

We hear a lot about why it’s important to have a sustainable lifestyle, but what does that actually entail?

Does living sustainably mean having a home vegetable garden?

Does sustainability mean donating your old clothes and shopping at thrift stores?

Is sustainability about installing solar panels on your roof?

The truth is that there are lots of ways to practice a sustainable lifestyle and you don’t have to upend your life to do it.

By taking small steps and slowly implementing sustainable practices into your lifestyle, you can lower your carbon footprint and feel good about what you’re doing to help the planet.

Here are some ways you can start living a sustainable life today:

  1. 4 Foods You Can Grow Year-Round
  2. 5 Sustainable and Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Paper Towels
  3. 5 Ways Businesses are Getting Smart With Sustainable Packaging


1) 4 Foods You Can Grow Year-Round

Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in a place where the weather is between 60 and 80 all year round, and the sun always shines.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be hard to come by in four-season climates, and even more difficult if you and your family live in a food desert.

Luckily, some fruits and vegetables thrive in indoor environments and can be grown all year long.

Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and even bananas (no, really!) thrive in indoor environments.

Not sure if your thumb is green enough to pull off growing indoor vegetables? Get our expert tips on growing foods inside all year long.

But if all your gardening attempts have ended up with dead plants and dry soil, there are other ways you can eat sustainably, like shopping seasonally and bringing your own reusable grocery bags to the store.


2) 5 Sustainable and Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Paper Towels

Ask any foreigner what the most confusing thing about Americans is and more often than not they’ll say it’s American’s love of...paper towels?

It’s true, paper towels are a uniquely American phenomenon. The paper industry has convinced us that we need them to have a clean house, but that’s just not true.

A dish towel, some microfiber cloths, or our personal favorite the “Un-Paper” Towel, are all just as good if not better at cleaning up spills and messes than paper towels.

Even better, none of those alternatives are single-use. That means they’re all not only better for your budget, they’re also better for the environment.

That’s a win/win in our books.


3) 5 Ways Businesses are Getting Smart with Sustainable Packaging

Over 92% of Americans online shop.

That means thousands, even millions, of packages delivered to our homes every year. And, more often than not, those packages are made of plastic, wood pulp, or other environment harming materials. 

To achieve complete carbon neutrality, companies need to research and adopt sustainable packaging materials. 

That's why we recently attended the Sustainability in Packaging conference in Chicago.

We spoke with business leaders across industries - e-commerce, traditional retail, and food service - about innovations in sustainable packaging so that we can all work together towards a sustainable future.

You can read about our five key takeaways from the conference here.



Sustainable living can take many forms.

From growing some of your own fruits and veggies, to swapping out paper towels for multi-use dish towels, there are endless ways we can all do our part to live sustainably and create a better planet.