3 Ways to Go Green at Work (Without Putting in Too Much Extra Work)

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How to Create Sustainable Workspaces

There’s no denying the therapeutic, healing benefits of nature. Being outdoors is scientifically proven to promote your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. However, since many of us spend our days inside an office, enjoying the outdoors isn’t always realistic.

This raises the question: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could experience the healing benefits of nature indoors? We’re thrilled to report that you can!

As it turns out, there is a growing trend among architects and developers to create office buildings with a biophilic design. By incorporating various elements of the nature in the workplace, there is not only an increase in physical health, but also in productivity, and work performance.


Here are three ways you can create a sustainable workspace:

1. Indoor plants

Studies show the psychological and physiological benefits of being surrounded by greenery. According to a recent study led by Dr. Fraser Torpy, director of the University of Technology Sydney Plants and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group, indoor plants can lower carbon dioxide levels by approximately 10% in offices with air conditioning, and by approximately 25% in offices without air conditioning.


2. Natural lighting

Let there be light! Research shows employees with window views are more inclined to spend time at the office each week compared to employees without windows.

Think of ways you can bring more natural light bring into your workspace.  For example, you can get rid of curtains and blinds that block the sun. In addition, you could move your desk so it’s facing a window.

Also, in terms of energy conservation, using natural light instead of artificial light is beneficial for the environment.


3. Air filters 

While air filters are more costly than plants, they are extremely effective at eliminating carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants.

Breathing in clean air is not only good for your health, but studies show high indoor air quality increases work performance and productivity.


Caught the green bug and want to develop green spaces at home, in your workplace, at local schools, or in your community? Read our guide to creating environmentally sustainable communities or seek guidance from organizations like Green Idea Labs

Have some green tips you use in your workspace? Tell us about them in the comments!