Green Generation: How Millennials Are Saving the Environment

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For Millennials Environmental Sustainability Means Making a Difference Today

Millennials are known to be very outspoken about climate change, with 76% being “somewhat to extremely concerned” about the impact climate change will have on their quality of life during their lifetimes, and 82% being worried about the impact of climate change on their children’s quality of life (Earth911).

While they express significant concern, their strategies for evoking change are a bit different than that of other generations. In a recent study done by marketing firm The Shelton Group, it was determined that Millennials are actually less likely to recycle compared to other generations.  

So how exactly are Millennials lobbying for change?


Supporting Green Corporations

Millennials believe the big corporations are the ones that have the power to make positive advances on the climate change issue, more so than their own individual recycling efforts. Because of this, Millennials will factor in a corporation’s environmental practices when making a purchasing choice. In fact, 70% of Millennials consider this when making their decision to purchase products, according to the Shelton Group study. On top of that, 87% of Millennials, who now have more buying power than any other generation, say they would prefer to buy products from companies that have either an environmental or social benefit (Entrepreneur).


Evoking Change in the Workplace

Millennials, making up the largest share of the US workforce, feel strongly about working for corporations that have an environmental and social responsibility. They are not willing to settle for jobs that don’t align with what they believe in. According to a study done by Lightspeed, on behalf of Rubbermaid® Commercial Products, nine in 10 Millennials say it is important they work for a sustainable company, and nearly one in 10 would quit their jobs if they found out their current employer was not sustainable. Also, 82% of Millennials look for opportunities to help their company become more sustainable.

Millennials, a group of 93 million, are doing their part to support sustainability by making purchasing and employment decisions based on a company’s environmental and social benefit. For corporations, this means one thing – it’s time to go green.



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