Greater Cleaning, Greater Meaning Sustainable Brands: Why Sustainability is Important for Every Company


The #1 Reason Your Brand Should Be Sustainable

Fortunately, there’s a lot that both consumers, and most importantly brands, can do. But to start making progress, we need a collaborative effort between the people who are purchasing products and the organizations and companies who offer them.

Here’s why:


Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious

In a recent study, 81% of consumers shared that they will make personal sacrifices to address social, environmental issues. These consumers know that these problems are impacting the safety and health of our world, and they’re becoming very vocal about it. Whether it’s strange temperature changes, dangerous life-threatening storms, wildfires, or a massive oil spill, we hear loud and clear that there are BIG problems that we need to address (as quickly as possible).


Millennials want to support social benefits

Recently, a study also reported that 87 percent of millennial consumers prefer to buy products from companies that have an environmental or social benefit. Because of this, it’s important for businesses and the organizations who are supplying consumer products to play a bigger role.

Why? It’s hard to adopt eco-friendly habits if the supply of eco-friendly products doesn’t meet the demand (at affordable costs). Many and most options are expensive or ineffective, and often require a heavy dose of education. We are seeing initiatives like no plastic bags and recycling becoming more prominent, but products and packaging still need to catch up.

Striving towards sustainability by launching just one marketing initiative, or one product within a large line of products, isn’t enough to convince your consumers to care more. People are also savvy and want brands to be authentic. 65% of Americans will confirm authenticity with research.

That’s why at ThreeMain, we made sustainability an essential part of our company’s mission from the beginning, all the way from our formulas to our packaging.


Businesses can benefit from “Triple P” Model

For small businesses and startups, the “Triple P” model; People, Planet and Profit, is essential. Consumers want to know you’re not just taking their money, but also putting profits towards social responsibility. Being a purpose-driven brand allows your consumers to feel good using your product, and makes it more likely that they’ll share it with others. And in the end, the more good you provide, the more loyal your customers will be.


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