Bathroom Cleaner Bundle, 16oz

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Bathroom Cleaner Bottle and Refill
Bathroom Cleaner Bottle and Refill Bathroom Cleaner - Back of Bottle Bathroom Cleaner Bundle, 16oz Bathroom Cleaner bottle - in use

Our planet-friendly Bathroom Cleaner eliminates scum, mildew, and grime with the gentlest ingredients for your skin, surfaces, and planet.

The Bathroom Cleaner is formulated with the CDC recommended amount of Hydrogen Peroxide to be tough on bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Specially formulated to clean hard water stains and build-up. 100% biodegradable and safe for pets and kids.

  • The Bathroom Cleaner is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, and is non-toxic, biodegradable, and pet-friendly. It's also gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

    The Bathroom Cleaner is a 16 oz refillable, reusable aluminum bottle that ships empty with an accompanying refill pouch. No more throwing out plastic bottles. 

  • Water, Naturally Derived Surfactant (from coconut and palm oil), Sodium Gluconate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Citric Acid, Organic Lemon Essential Oil (for aromas), Baking Soda. Learn more about each ingredient with our Simple Ingredients Promise

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