Frequently Asked Questions


Cancellation Policy: 

Refill subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by logging into the account, selecting the "manage subscriptions" link, and selecting to cancel. 

If a refill subscription is cancelled after a refill order has already processed, the refill order will not be cancelled or refunded, and the cancellation will go into effect for all future refill subscription orders. 

If your subscription was cancelled and you'd like to reactivate it, please email

Subscription modifications:

Modifications to your subscription shipping address, billing address, quantity, or frequency, can be made at any time. If a modification is made after a refill subscription payment has processed, the modifications will go into effect after the processed shipment is fulfilled. To make modifications, log into your account on If you'd like to request a custom quantity of refills or add hand soap to your subscription, fill out this form and we'll make the changes for you. 

Payment Processing:

Refill subscription payments will process based on the frequency selected for deliveries. For example, if you are receiving monthly refills, your first payment and order will process exactly one month from the date of your initial order.



How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking details. You can also track your order any time through your account.


When can I expect my order?

Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to ship due to processing time. Once your order ships, standard ground shipping orders arrive in 1-6 business days. Weekends and holidays are excluded from processing and shipping times. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has been shipped. All orders ship via FedEx SmartPost.


Do you offer free shipping?

All orders ship via FedEx SmartPost, which is a flat rate of $4.99 for orders shipping to a US address, and $23 for orders shipping to a Canada address. US orders over $25 ship free. 

 Can I recycle my refill pouches on my own?

You certainly can, however, some traditional curbside recycling programs do not recycle pouches (also referred to as “flexible packaging”). Please contact your local recycling program to ensure they can accept it prior. If they don’t, simply email and we’ll email you a pre-paid return recycling label. Once you’ve filled a shipping envelope with your empty refills, simply drop it into any USPS pick-up, and we’ll do the rest!

Have a Terracycle Plastic Packaging Zero-Waste box at home or at a local retailer? You can also drop your refill pouches there! 

Learn more about our recycling program here

 What do you do with our pouches when you receive them?

We recycle all refill pouches through on-site Terracycle Plastic Packaging Zero-Waste boxes. When Terracycle receives the refill pouches from us, they are separated into the various forms of plastic that make it up, and then undergo extrusion and pelletization to be molded into new recycled plastic products! To learn more about Terracycle, visit their website


My bottle is broken. How do I get a new one?

With an active subscription, broken bottles are covered by the subscription lifetime warranty, and will be replaced at no charge. If your bottle is broken, please email with a photo of the bottle, and we’ll replace it for you. If you do not have an active subscription, new bottles are available for purchase. 


I want to sign up for a Refill Subscription, but the set supply of products is more than I will consume in 1-3 months. What should I do?

Our refill subscriptions are flexible! If you are finding that the 3 month supply is still too much for you, you can skip your next shipment. To do so, log into your account and click the manage subscriptions link. Here you’ll be able to skip your next upcoming shipment. You can also customize the quantities in your subscription, by filling out this form. In order to receive the subscription discount, 2 or more refills are required. 

I want to sign up for a Refill Subscription, but the set supply of products is less than I will consume in 1-3 months. What should I do?

Once you purchase a subscription, you can edit the quantity of refill sets in each refill subscription. This will allow you to increase the number of refills to whatever quantity you need to keep your home clean! You can also customize the quantities in your subscription, by filling out this form.

Can I add more refills to my next scheduled shipment?

Yes! You can edit your refill subscription by logging into your account, and clicking the manage subscriptions link. Here you can increase the quantity of refill sets in each of your refill shipments. You can also customize the quantities in your subscription, by filling out this form.

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Yes! To change the frequency of your subscription, log into your account and click the manage subscriptions link. Here you will be able to change to shipments every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Can I skip a month of my subscription?

Yes! If you aren’t in need of an upcoming refill shipment, you can change the frequency, edit the delivery date, or skip a shipment in the manage account page! You can also customize the quantities in your subscription, by filling out this form.

Can I put my subscription on hold/pause my subscription?

Unfortunately, subscriptions cannot be paused or put on hold. However, you can skip upcoming shipments as needed, edit your delivery dates, or change the frequency of your shipments to accommodate your needs.

Where are your products made?

We are proud to say that our formulas are all manufactured here in the US! Much of our packaging, including our reusable, aluminum bottles, soap pumps, and ThreeMain boxes are also produced in the US. Our Paperless Towels are produced in the UK, and our refill pouch packaging and trigger sprayers are produced in China.

 Can I find your products in stores?

ThreeMain products are currently sold on, Amazon, and in various boutique retailers throughout the US. Want to see us in a store near you? Send us an email at!

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged for your first shipment at the time of the order. For ongoing refill  shipments, your card will be charged each time a shipment is processed.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

By law, we must charge sales tax in all states where we have a business presence.

How will the charge appear on my card?

All charges will say “ThreeMain”
If I subscribed for refills and want to skip a shipment, when do I need to do it by?

Changes to your refill subscription can be made at any time up until the refill order processes. Changes made after the refill order processes will go into effect with your next refill shipment.

Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship all through the US and Canada. Want to see us in your country? Send us an email at!



What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the order processing date. Not satisfied? We’ll give you a full refund upon return. To request a return form, please email 

How do I process a return?

To return an item, please email us at with the items you’d like to return and the reason for returning, and we’ll email you form for returning your item(s). Please complete the form and include it in your returned shipment. Return shipping costs are assumed by the customer. ThreeMain does not offer return shipping labels.



Where are your cleaning formulas manufactured?

Our formulas are manufactured here in the US in Massachusetts.  

What are the active ingredients in your products?(what kills bacteria?)

Our Bathroom and Multi-Surface Cleaners contain natural, bacteria-fighting ingredients including Citric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide. Our Dish Soap, contains a surfactant derived from coconut, which has strong antibacterial properties.

Are the ingredients cruelty free?

Yes! For more information on all of the ingredients, please check out the full list of everything in our products here.

Is the sodium hyaluronate derived from plants or animals?

Sodium Hyaluronate, also known as Hyaluronic Acid can be derived from both plants or animals, however, we always use the ingredient derived from plants!

Are ThreeMain products pet-friendly?

Yes, all of our products are safe for use around your furry friends.

Where does your palm oil come from and why do you use it?

Palm oil is an ingredient in our Bath and Multi formulas which we use in very small amounts. While we do our best to source from sustainable resources, we cannot guarantee it 100% of the time.

Palm oil is an important ingredient in our formulas – it is part of our surfactant and while we use a small amount, it is what stabilizes the cleaners so they can still clean effectively. It’s a powerful antioxidant and without it, the cleaners wouldn’t be stable. We are actively looking for and testing alternatives and do hope to find a replacement soon!

Where can I find more information regarding the ingredients in your products?

Learn more about our ingredients here.

Are your ingredients safe for people with nut allergies?

Yes, there are no nut-based ingredients in our formulas.

Do I need to clean my bottles? If so, what is the best method of doing so?

We recommend rinsing your bottles before each refill. You can do so with warm water and a dash of our dish soap.

Are there any surfaces that I should not use the Multi-Surface or Bathroom Cleaner on? (Granite, tile, hardwood, etc…)

Our Multi-Surface and Bathroom Cleaners are safe for use on any sealed, non-porous surfaces. If you have wood or granite surfaces that are not sealed, we recommend testing on a small area of the surface before use.

 Does the dish soap produce suds? 

We carefully select the ingredients used in all of our formulas, including the dish soap, as we want them to be as safe and effective as possible. While the dish soap does produce suds, you will notice less than that of a dish soap containing toxic chemicals. This is because we do not add extra ingredients that don’t have a purpose simply to create a more sudsy effect! Unfortunately because other dish soap companies have been doing this for so long, our minds are tricked into thinking that suds are needed to clean, and that simply is not the case! Producing suds actually has no correlation to a dish soaps efficacy. While ThreeMain dish soap may not create as many suds as other dish soaps, third party lab tests have proven it to still be equally or more effective at removing bacteria, grease and grime. 


 What is birdseye weave cotton?

Birdseye weave cotton is a fabric that uses a small, repetitive, tightly woven pattern. This enables our Paperless Towels to be extra absorbent.

How should I wash my Paperless Towels?

To wash your Paperless Towels, run them in your washer on cold without any fabric softener, and hang to dry.


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