Our zero-waste recycling program makes recycling refills easy on you and the planet.

Flexible pouch packaging isn't recyclable in many traditional curbside programs, but we've got you covered. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Email and we’ll email you a pre-paid return recycling label. Once you’ve filled a shipping envelope with your empty refills, simply drop it into any USPS pick-up, and we’ll do the rest!
  2. We recycle all refill pouches returned to us through on-site TerraCycle Plastic Packaging Zero-Waste boxes. When TerraCycle receives the refill pouches from us, they are separated into the various forms of plastic that make it up, and then undergo extrusion and pelletization to be molded into new recycled plastic products!
  3. Have a TerraCycle Plastic Packaging Zero-Waste box at home or at a local retailer? You can also drop your refill pouches there! For a complete list of drop-off locations, check out this directory.